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Microfinance Products

No Interest Loan Scheme (NILS)


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Rosannah Langdon - NILS Co-ordinator
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Based on the Good Shepherd Model the loan enables applicants on low incomes to purchase essential household items.

An essential household item is a service or item which improves the quality of life or enhances social and economic participation for a person who would otherwise not be able to access via fair and equitable means.

Loans can be approved for the following items/services: 

  • Fridges 
  • Washing Machines 
  • Freezers 
  • Heaters 
  • Hot Water Systems 
  • Air Conditioners 
  • Lounges 
  • Beds 
  • Computers 
  • Medical Equipment eg nebulizers, blood glucose monitors etc. 
  • Educational resources eg board maker (social story program) 
  • Mechanical repair eg motor vehicles 
  • Rego & Greenslips  

Loans are not approved for: 

  • Bond and rent Rental arrears 
  • Living expenses such as food 
  • Gas, telephone and electricity accounts 
  • Cash advances, debt repayments or consolidations 

Conditions do apply to loans and there are limits.

No cheque is payable to the applicant and no third party cheques are issued for private sale.


The NILS Loan Committee will look at loans for any other purpose other than stated above if they feel the loan will improve the quality of life of the applicant. All applications will be assessed on this basis.

The criteria for NILS applicants include: 

  • Must live in the Wyong Shire 
  • Must have a pension or health care card 
  • Must have been in home for at least 6 months or have a minimum six month lease 
The process begins with registering your interest over the phone.

Applicants can apply OVER THE PHONE by calling the Centre on 02 4396 1555 or ONLINE by clicking here.

Our friendly workers and/or volunteers are happy to clarify the application process which involves the client researching/ obtaining quotes for their required item.

Some handy information to consider: 

  • Appliances are required to be energy efficient with a minimum 4 star energy rating. 
  • There may be a waiting list for this program. Applicants will be advised at time of application. 
  • The process of the application from when the enquiry is actioned, to being assessed and if successfully approved and receiving your goods can take time. Your NILS Worker can advise the expected turn around at time of interview. 

For further information please call the Centre on 02 4396 1555.

This project is funded by The Department of Fair Trading, The Department of Social Services & National Australia Bank.

AddsUp Savings Plan


Rosannah Langdon - NILS Coordinator
Toukley Neighbourhood Centre


02 4396 1555


NAB AddsUp Matched Savings Scheme
AddsUp Scheme Brochure
Terms & Conditions
Savings Calculator


In collaboration with the National Australia Bank (NAB), Good Shepherd is offering the AddsUP
Matched Saving Plan to Toukley Neighbourhood Centre NILS clients who have successfully completed a NILS® loan.

AddsUP aims to help people on low incomes achieve their goals and further build on the
financial discipline developed through repaying a loan.

If you have completed a NILS loan and are interested in the program call the Centre to
register your interest on 02 4396 1555.


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