Welcome to Toukley Neighbourhood Centre Inc.

The Board of Management, Staff and volunteers would like to warmly welcome you to our web-site. Within the pages of this site you will find information about the many programs we facilitate in the community of Toukley and the surrounding local areas.


TNC Vision & Mission Statement


The TNC vision is to become the "heart" of the Community, providing early intervention strategies for the disadvantaged and vulnerable, so that all people are empowered to meet their needs and achieve their full potential. To achieve this, TNC's mission is to participate in local planning, and to collaborate and network with other groups to identify the potentially vulnerable and those experiencing crisis, and to network with the community to provide quality programs and services designed to strengthen and promote connectedness and well being throughout our community.
We participate in local planning, collaborate and network with other groups to identify the needs within the community and to identify the potentially vulnerable and those experiencing crisis.
We then provide quality programs and services that are often self-funded and specifically target early intervention in the lives of the vulnerable and disadvantaged that are designed to strengthen, build and promote community connectedness, wellbeing and empowerment.

We believe that everyone has the right to aspire to and achieve the best possible outcomes to:
  • fulfill their future potential 
  • make the best choices in their own life
  • be treated with dignity, respect, privacy and confidentiality and being valued
  • access services on a non-discriminatory basis
  • access services that are accountable, responsive and inclusive

TNC Structure

Toukley Neighbourhood Centre Inc is a registered and managed non-profit organisation by elected volunteer Board Members. Being a registered charity all donations over $2.00 are tax deductible. As our name implies, we are an incorporated body which simply means our liabilities are limited for individual members to the amount of annual fees. Our constitution clearly sets out the rules by which the organisation is run as well as our Toukley Neighbourhood Centre Business and Strategic Plans.


What We Do

Toukley Neighbourhood Centre Inc - 💗 of the community

Toukley Neighbourhood Centre Inc is a registered charity which offers information, referral and support to our local community by walk-in, phone, email, social media or request. The Centre also offers opportunities for community members to visit in a social capacity through programs, services, activities and events


We provide and outreach - Programs, Groups, Activities, Courses and events:

  • To our local preschools, schools, shopping centres and outdoor spaces to connect with local children, families and young people in need of support, information and referral.
  • Educational groups -  to learn new skills thorough workshops like Artzspace, Better Health Self-Management, Talking Technology or Evidenced Based Parenting classes.
  • Regular social groups like Community Cafe, Building Blox or Youth Yard Drop In
  • Meeting room and hall hire
  • Stamp collecting to support 3rd world country communities.

Office Hours

Campus 1 - Office

2/48 Canton Beach Rd, Toukley

Monday - Friday

9am - 3pm

Campus 2 - Op Shop

Shop 1 - Ron Alt Lane, Toukley

Tuesday - Friday 

9am - 3.30pm

Campus 3 - Lakes Food Care

199 Main Rd, Toukley

Monday & Tuesday (10am-2.30pm)

Wednesday (12noon-3pm)

Thursday & Friday (11am-3pm)


Toukley Neighbourhood Centre Inc has been in existence as a Community Centre since 1984, incorporated in 1987. In the past the Centre offered services such as Toukley Police Citizens Boys Club and a Food Co-op.

Today, the Centre manages numerous community projects and programs and has approximately 40 volunteers involved in all aspects of the Centre's projects. The Centre is a registered charity and depends on fund-raising for many of its activities. The Centre is situated in Heador Street Toukley. It is open Monday to Friday.

We have returned to our history by establishing our Food Care service in 2006. From 2006 to early 2011 it was supported solely by the funds raised by our Op Shop in the village green in Toukley. The service has evolved in numerous ways over the years. In April 2011 Toukley Neighbourhood Centre Inc. in partnership with Lakes Food Care officially opened their Food Care service in the East Toukley shopping district. In 2017, we were forced to relocate Lakes Food Care again due to re-development of the site. Today, we are occupying a premesis at 199 Main Rd, Toukley. We hope this will be a long lasting home for LFC.

Local member Darren Webber joined us to celebrate opening of the service which at the time assisted 280 families per week with rescued food. In July 2011 the service increased its operating hours from one day to three days per week.

The Centre receives funding to support our services. We are funded by DCJ (The Department of Communities & Justice), DSS (Department of Social Services), Department of Fair Trading, Department of Health and The National Australia Bank.

Services Timetable

For the current services timetable, please contact the centre Mon-Fri 9am-3pm. Alternatively, you could join our facebook group for regular updates on programs and services.