Welcome to Toukley Neighbourhood Centre Inc.

The staff, committee and volunteers would like to warmly welcome you to our web-site. Within the pages of this site you will find information about the many programs we facilitate in the community of Toukley and the surrounding local areas.


Management Committee

Toukley Neighbourhood Centre has two committees. 

The Toukley Neighbourhood Centre Management Committee supports the day to day running of the Centre and Centre projects whilst The Toukley Neighbourhood Centre 355 Committee is caretaker of the Centre’s hire bookings and maintenance of the property. 
Both committees are manned by a dedicated team of volunteers from the local community. 
Management structure is made up of an executive (President, Treasurer, Secretary) plus committee members. Both committees meet once a month at the Centre. 
Should you be interested in becoming a member of our committee or should you wish to share your ideas at our committee meeting please contact the Centre to enquire about when our next meeting will be held. 
Meetings are usually held monthly on a Monday.

The current committee is as follows:

  • Chairperson - B. Hopkins 
  • Vice-chairperson - G. Gibbons
  • Secretary - E. Walker
  • Treasurer - G. Rixom
  • Public Officer - Beverley Hopkins
  • Ordinary Members - Pamela Stair and Vicki Davidson


Toukley Neighbourhood Centre operates with six part-time paid staff members.
The workers are funded by Department of Family and Community Services; Department of Social Service; and Department of Fair Trading. 
The workers are supported by a dedicated team of volunteers. Should you wish to volunteer in your local community you may wish to consider volunteering at our Centre.  
To find out more about volunteering at Toukley Neighbourhood Centre contact our Centre for a volunteer package.
The current members of staff are as follows:


Centre Manager - Kylie Hopkins 

(Monday to Friday) 
Funded By: Dept. Family & Community Services, Community Builders
Contact Kylie: kylie.hopkins@tnc.org.au or admin@tnc.org.au


NILS (No Interest Loans Scheme) Coordinator - Rosannah Langdon 

(Monday to Friday)
Funded By: Dept. Fair Trading
Contact Rosannah:  rosannah.langdon@tnc.org.au or NILS@tnc.org.au


CVS (Community Visitors Scheme) Coordinator - Anne-Marie Moon 

(Monday - Wednesday) 
Funded By: Dept. Social Services
Contact Anne-Marie: anne-marie.moon@tnc.org.au or CVS@tnc.org.au


Accounts & Microfinance Coordinator - Susan Crossley

Funded By: Dept. Social Services
Contact Programs Coordinator: susan.crossley@tnc.org.au or microfinance@tnc.org.au


Programs Coordinator - Bronwyn Barnes

(Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday) 
Funded By: Dept. Family & Community Services, Community Builders
Contact Programs Coordinator: bronwyn.barnes@tnc.org.au or programs@tnc.org.au 

Volunteer Positions

The service is also fortunate to have some very hard-working volunteers providing specialised services:

Lakes Food Care Manager - Gail Rixom

Funded By: Volunteer Position
Contact LFC Manager: lakesfoodcare@tnc.org.au

Community Cafe Co-ordinator - Julie

Funded By: Volunteer Position
Contact Programs Coordinator: programs@tnc.org.au